Natural Face Stick

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Face Stick SPF60 Sunscreen
Price $7.99

True to form, Rocky Mountain Sunscreen offers superior protection in an all natural formula with their Natural Face Stick—available for both kids and adults. This natural sunscreen option helps get protection in the areas more difficult to apply liquid sunscreen, like on the nose and ears.

This all natural sunscreen Face Stick provides SPF 60 protection and its ingredients include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, two of the most effective blockers of harmful UVA rays. This product is extraordinarily effective and is ideal for those with sensitive skin. The Face Stick for kids is a must have for child care centers, day camps, and even moms on the go, as its easy, smooth application ensures that little faces are protected and there’s no tears from sunscreen in the eyes or hair.

This all natural sunscreen Face Stick is very effective, yet safe for everyday use. It is non-irritating, non-greasy, and non-comedogenic. It is also free from fragrances, nut oils, and Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate). And, just like all the sunscreen options from Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, it can stand up to the elements, such as sweat, chlorine, and more. SPF 60 All Natural Kids Face Stick Sunscreen is also ideal for active youngsters for any type of summertime activity they may enjoy.

Get your all natural face sticks for fast and effective face protection. And browse the site to shop for all your sunscreen needs, from bulk gallons to travel size bottles to lip balm and hand sanitizer. We have you covered when you want to get out in the sun.