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"RMS is actually a product I look forward to putting on! Thanks!"
-Michael - Arlington, VA

"Only sunscreen that is not greasy to the touch, it sinks right into the skin for a comfortable feel"
-Katherine - Littleton, CO

"Best sunscreen I have ever used... I like the smooth, velvety feeling rather than a greasy feeling after use"
-Clyde - New Albany, OH

"I use the sunscreen as my whole body moisture lotion. The only kind that does not irritate my skin"
-Carrol - Northglenn, CO
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Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Protection

When looking for sun protection, always look for a broad spectrum sunscreen. Broad Spectrum sunscreen means that the sunscreen will provide protection from both the UVA and UVB light spectrum.


Sunlight causes premature aging of the skin and many different types of skin cancers. Exposure to ultra violet radiation accounts for more than 90% of today’s skin aging and skin cancer issues. Sunlight consists of both visible and invisible rays know as UVR (ultra violet radiation), which includes both UVA ultraviolet light and UVB ultraviolet light. UVA rays are longer and tend to penetrate more deeply into the skin. UVB rays are shorter rays that create most of the sun burning, sun tanning and sun damage. Broad spectrum sunscreen does not protect against the UVC radiation because this level of light is almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer and does not affect the skin.

There is no such thing as safe UVR, and therefore, no such thing as a safe tan.



For UVB protection, look to these active ingredients for broad spectrum sunscreen protection:

  • Octisalate
  • Octinoxate
  • Homosalate
  • Oxybenzone
  • Titanium dioxide

For UVA Protection, look to these active ingredients for broad spectrum sunscreen protection:

  • Zinc Oxide with Titanium Dioxide
  • Avobenzone

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen provides broad spectrum sunscreen protection. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen incorporates all of the above UVB active ingredients as well as oxybenzone and avobenzone for UVA protection. These broad spectrum sunscreen ingredients vary by each SPF.


Sunlight is measured in “nanometers”, which is a unit of measure for UVA, UVB and UVC ultra violet radiation (UVR).

UVA Rays: 320-400 Nanometers (Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Protection term applies)

UVB Rays: 290-320 Nanometers (Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Protection term applies)

UVC Rays: 100-290 Nanometers (Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Protection term DOES NOT apply)

In summary, always make sure the phrase "Broad Spectrum" is used when purchasing sunscreen. Learn more about Bulk Sunscreen


New for 2012: the FDA has revised the definition for claiming "Broad Spectrum", please read our 2012 FDA Webpage for an overview. Detailed information also available at or call us at 1-888-356-8899.