Hypoallergenic Sunscreen

Some individuals, particularly young children, are prone to allergic reactions or irritation from certain sunscreens. This allergic reaction, called contact dermatitis, may be caused by any number of components in the lotion. To avoid skin irritation or the development of allergies in children or adults, the use of hypoallergenic sunscreen is recommended.

RMSunscreen.com carries kids' sunscreens that shield children from the sun while also protecting them from painful contact dermatitis. For those youngsters with skin allergies, we provide PABA free sunscreen that is effective but contains none of the allergens that contribute to skin rashes.
Peanut oil free also!

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PABA Free Sunscreen

PABA Free Sunscreen

What is PABA, anyway?

Para-aminobenzoic acid is a compound found in grains, which acts as an essential nutrient for microorganisms. Many people use it as a nutritional supplement, and it has been shown to be an effective sunblock. However, in a small percentage of the population, PABA can cause an allergic reaction.

To prevent this reaction, use PABA free sunscreen for your family's sun protection. RMSunscreen.com carries a full line of adult and kids' products that are effective, but will not irritate delicate skin.

Our non-irritating, fragrance free sunscreen contains antioxidants as well as aloe vera to nurture skin. The formula offers sun protection, both in and out of the water, yet is light and breathable for comfortable long-term wear.

Fragrance Free Sunscreen

RMS products feel so good going on - and stay feeling good - that children won't mind using them regularly. Another benefit to our PABA- and fragrance-free sunscreen is that the formula is non-greasy!

If you still have questions about hypoallergenic sunscreen, we encourage you to learn more on our FAQs page. For detailed descriptions of our products, browse each product individually or visit the articles under "Why RMS?"

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