Product Specifications

Broad Spectrum • Water Resistant (80 minutes) • Greaseless • Moisturizing Fragrance Free • Hypoallergenic • Non-Comedogenic

All Rocky Mountain sunscreens exceed the FDA's 2012 testing standards for UVA protection. Listed below are summaries for each formula, how it works and its unique benefits. Please call us with any questions or requests at 1-888-356-8899.

ALSO FREE OF: Gluten, Nut Oil, PABA, Carbohydrates, Casein, Corn Products, Sugars, & Soy

SPF 30 Oxybenzone-free Lotion

Ideal for those who are active while in the sun, our famous SPF 30 formula is now enhanced with Avobenzone to provide the maximum FDA certified broad spectrum protection along with 80-minute water resistance. This "bonding base" formula interlocks tightly with the skin's upper layer, so it won't clog pores. It also allows the skin to breathe and perspire, keeping the body cool naturally. Bonding-based formulas do not wash away during water activities or periods of extreme perspiration. For those concerned about Oxybenzone in sunscreen, our 2016 formula is now oxybenzone-free, yet still maintains the great feel that made our original SPF 30 so popular.

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SPF 50 Oxybenzone-free Lotion

With the same Bonding Base technology as our SPF 30, our SPF 50 formula feels great on the skin, offers FDA certified broad spectrum protection, 80-minute water resistance and provides increased UVB protection for extended outdoor activities.
IMPORTANT PRODUCT NOTE: Our 6-oz SPF 50 lotion is not yet Oxybenzone Free. CLICK HERE to view our SPF 50 (with Oxybenzone) ingredients.

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SPF 50 Oxybenzone-free Spray

With the same FDA certified protection as our SPF50 lotion, our convenient no-touch, no-rub misting spray is ideal for quick and easy sunscreen application before playing or working in the sun.
IMPORTANT PRODUCT NOTE: Our 6-oz and 1-oz SPF 50 sprays are not yet Oxybenzone Free. CLICK HERE to view our SPF 50 spray (with Oxybenzone) ingredients.

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SPF 60 Mineral Based Face Stick

Our Face Stick combines Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide for advanced FDA certified UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection, 80-minute water resistance that’s gentle on sensitive skin. This easy to use face stick smoothly applies a non-irritating, fragrance free sunscreen that’s perfect for the face and neck. In addition to above, free of parabens and silicones.

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SPF 70 with AvoguardTM

For extended amounts of sun exposure, and for the customer seeking FDA certified broad spectrum sun protection through the entire UVB and UVA spectrum, our SPF 70 is the perfect choice. It features the very latest technology in stabilized Avobenzone for complete protection through 400 nanometers and 80-minute water resistance. PDF Download


SPF 30 All Natural LotionTM

For the customer seeking a natural, gluten free, Broad Spectrum sun protection this formula is for you. A blend of natural oils and mineral based sunscreen filters combine to provide an SPF 30 water resistant protection. Our formulation is certified natural and all ingredients used in this formula are approved by the Natural Products Association.

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SPF 30 Moisturizing Lip BalmTM

Aloe Vera and Vitamin E in our lip balms helps protect dry chapped lips and prevent sunburn with SPF 30 protection. Delicious flavor selection! NOTE: We also offer personalized custom label lip balms that make the perfect promotional item or marketing product for a retail/gift store. CLICK HERE for more info.

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