RMS School/Childcare Program

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Why should you use Rocky Mountain Sunscreen? Here are our product benefits:

Gallon pump and dispenser
  • No more individual bottles of sunscreen to keep track of
  • Saves staff time and energy applying sunscreen!
  • Conveniently dispensed from our bottle or our gallon pump
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Greaseless / Nut Oil-free
  • Paba-free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Refillable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Water Resistant (80 min)
  • Dermatologist Tested

School, Child Care & Camp Sunscreen Sun Safefy Program

Providing the best protection for your children for over 25 years!

Providing the best protection for your children for over 25 years!

Simple, Easy Steps

  • Save Time and Money with RMS!
  • How much does a gallon cost per student per month?
  • A $4.00 monthly sunscreen fee per child covers the cost!

  • Have Fun!
  • Line the children up in front of the gallon or quart and send them out to play!
  • State Compliance
  • To verify your individual State's Sunscreen Application Regulations, click on your state below:
Colorado Wyoming Nebraska South Dakota North Dakota Kansas Montana Idaho Washington Oregon California Nevada Utah Arizona New Mexico Oklahoma Texas Alaska Hawaii Minnesota Iowa Missouri Arkansas Wisconsin Illinois Louisiana Michigan Indiana Kentucky Tennesee Mississippi Alabama Florida Georgia South Carolina North Carolina Ohio West Virginia Virginia Pennsylvania New York Maine Vermont Vermont New Hampshire New Hampshire Massachusetts Massachusetts Rhode Island Rhode Island Connecticut Connecticut New Jersey New Jersey Delaware Delaware Maryland Maryland

Please help! Individual State Regulations often change – if your state has recently modified its sunscreen application guidelines, please email us at info@rmsunscreen.com or call toll free 1-888-356-8899 and we will promptly make the change! Thank you for your assistance.

Did you know?

Researchers have found that as few as two severe sunburns before the age of eighteen can double the risk of a child developing melanoma later in life.

Through our partnership with Sun-Safe Colorado, you can now download a broad range of sunscreen education materials that will help you teach children of all ages about the importance of sun safety.

View materials and get ideas for a sun-safety lesson

Use only RMS FDA approved bottles

All Rocky Mountain Sunscreen bottles go through FDA testing and are safe to refill.

By transferring sunscreen to a bottle or container that has not gone through FDA testing: the effectiveness of sunscreen can be compromised, RMS Formulas are no longer guaranteed, and a potential liability may incur. For transporting sunscreen to swimming pools, day hikes, etc., please consider purchasing our approved refillable 6 ounce bottle.

Read more FAQ's

RMS FDA approved bottles

Sun safety education

Customer Comments

"I love the ease and convenience of the pump and one bottle instead of juggling many...AWESOME STUFF!!"

- Kimberly, May 2010

"Families greatly appreciated that we provide sunscreen for their children rather than their having to bring it in. Additionally, the teachers greatly appreciate having to work with one gallon as opposed to 20 different bottles, one for each child."

- Cristin, March 2011

"We love your sunscreen. It is is more like lotion so the dirt and grime does not stick to the kids like it does with traditional sticky/greasy/thick sunscreens. We also like that it is truly fragrance free! Thank you!"

- Lisa, May 2011


According to research, just one blistering sunburn at a young age can more than double your chance of developing melanoma later in life. Yet in most states, students need a doctor’s note just to bring sunscreen to school. Now some parents are fighting to change that. TODAY’s Hoda Kotb reports.


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