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"RMS is actually a product I look forward to putting on! Thanks!"
-Michael - Arlington, VA

"Only sunscreen that is not greasy to the touch, it sinks right into the skin for a comfortable feel"
-Katherine - Littleton, CO

"Best sunscreen I have ever used... I like the smooth, velvety feeling rather than a greasy feeling after use"
-Clyde - New Albany, OH

"I use the sunscreen as my whole body moisture lotion. The only kind that does not irritate my skin"
-Carrol - Northglenn, CO
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Wholesale Sunscreen

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen has a variety of sunscreen sizes available for personal use, businesses, or schools and day cares, among others.

Our wholesale sunscreen is a tremendous bargain for individuals and organizations that need to have sun protection on hand. Not only does buying in bulk save a lot of money on this necessity, but it also encourages healthy habits.

When a product is in short supply, it can be a natural tendency to use it judiciously or not at all. A travel size sunscreen bottle is great for having a convenient supply at the ready, but if a person buys just one these can go pretty quickly, and then what?

When it comes to something as important as sun protection, one can ill afford to apply the product sparingly or skip days all together. That's why it's always advisable to stock up with inexpensive bulk sun protection, either in the form of large pump bottles or several smaller ones that can be carried anywhere.

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Travel Size Sunscreen

Travel Size Sunscreen has you covered when it comes to sun protection, whether you need a single, large-sized pump bottle or if you prefer a travel size sunscreen that you can carry in a purse or gym bag.

In addition to our wholesale sunscreen in pump dispensers up to 4 gallons in size, we also offer smaller conveniences sizes for the person on the go.

Our convenience sizes in sun protection include these products and more:

  • Mountain Bike Survival Kit - two 2-oz. bottles, plus three lip balm flavors
  • Outdoor Weekend Survival Kit - three 1-oz. sunscreen tubes; three lip balms
  • Rocky Mountain Sunscreen Event Package - 25 1-oz. sunscreen tubes; 25 lip balm;
  • Sunscreen & Lip Balm Sampler - four sunscreen formulas; four flavors of lip balm
  • Sunscreen Sampler - three 2-oz. bottles
  • Wedding Gift Pack (large) - 50 gift bags, each with 1-oz. tube and Kiwi lip balm
  • Wedding Gift Pack (small) - 25 sunscreen/lip balm gift bags in white organza bag

All of our products feature effective, tested formulas and are offered to you at significant discounts. Order online or contact us for more information.