Grab Your Bulk Sunscreen for these Fun, Colorado Summer Activities

We love being outside in Colorado during all seasons, but one of our favorites to take in the fresh air is summer! At Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, we’re all about having fun but staying safe too. That’s why we offer a wide variety of all different SPF’s of bulk sunscreen so you can go outside, have fun, and never have to worry about running out of sunscreen! We also have some fun activities for you and your family to do outside in the beautiful Colorado weather this summer as well!

A Scavenger Hunt

Get your whole family involved on this one and organize a fun, adventurous scavenger hunt outside! Set up fun stations like putting together a puzzle before advancing to the next round, or unscrambling a few different words before starting the next portion of the hunt. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you and your family are protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Getting some bulk sunscreen to have on hand when you’re outside doing these fun activities is a sure way to help protect your family from the sun’s harmful rays and save money while you’re doing it!

Outdoor Garden

This is also a fun summer, activity that can be done in most parts of Colorado. Having a garden is an exciting and educational experience for children, so involving them during the daily gardening chores can be a lifelong lesson for them. Planting vegetables, herbs, or perhaps just a small flower garden is a rewarding and interesting experience for anyone. Just make sure to have your bulk sunscreen on hand when you head out to do the garden chores, even if it is cloudy outside! Plus, buying in bulk means always having enough on hand, no matter if you have helpers or not!

Hiking the Trails

If there’s one thing we know about Colorado summers, it’s that there’s never a shortage of gorgeous scenery! If you want to get your family out of the house and into nature, take them for a hike out in the wilderness! Making the time to get outside and work up a sweat is important no matter what time of year it is, but during the summer it’s just that much more beautiful! Don’t forget to take some protection from the sun and grab some of our bulk sunscreen for good measure. Taking one of our gallons probably wouldn’t be the best option for a hike, but our 1.5 oz. refillable bottles are up for grabs!

No matter if you’re having a boring day or perhaps just looking for adventure, grab your family and your bulk sunscreen and get outdoors in the beautiful, warm summer weather in Colorado!