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Gallon Spray SPF 50 KIDS Sunscreen Mist Refill [no pump or dispenser included]
Spray susncreens are labeled a ORM-D consumer commodity, and can not be shipped via overseas military mail (APO/FPO/DPO) .
Price $135.00

In order to provide you with the correct information about sunscreen, the FDA has ruled that, sunscreen manufacturers must meet new guidelines, effective June 18, 2012. The best sunscreen lotion to purchase is broad spectrum sunscreen, which according to the new guidelines, must be FDA certified to protect against UVA radiation, as well as UVB. This is especially important with a kids broad spectrum sunscreen as children are at a greater risk to the sun’s dangerous rays. An FDA approved broad spectrum sunscreen is critical because if used properly with other sun protection measures, it will decrease the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging.


RMSunscreen.com’s products meet or exceed all of the 2012 guidelines. The broad spectrum sunscreen is available in SPF factors of 30, 50 or 70, as bulk sunscreen, and as kids broad spectrum sunscreen. RMSunscreen.com takes the hassle out of staying stocked up on sunscreen when you are in the midst of summertime fun. Bulk sunscreen options come in gallon and quart sizes. Smaller refillable bottles can also be ordered, for when you are on the go. RMSunscreen.com is the best sunscreen lotion to help protect you and your loved ones this summer season.