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HandiClean Hand Sanitizer 2oz Gel with Carabiner 4-pack
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It’s not always easy to find a place to freshen up when you are traveling.  While airport restrooms are abundant, the quick pace of the environment makes it tough to stop and wash up, especially if you are running late.  Just as true, road travel can leave you with limited options for freshening up, and roadside rest stops can be downright disgusting and full of germs.  Travel Sized Hand Sanitizer assures that you can clean your hands regardless of your surroundings or schedule.  Keeping pocket hand sanitizer with you is easy and sensible. 

Handiclean Hand Sanitizer is available as a pocket-sized product that is easy to tuck in a purse, pocket or travel bag.  A carabiner version of Handiclean Hand Sanitizer allows you to clip the product to your purse, keychain or backpack.  In either case, your travel sized hand sanitizer is easy to access when you are stopped for a short break.  You can also use the product easily before a short meal on an airplane or during a brief stop at a toll booth.  The convenience of a pocket hand sanitizer is exceptional.