The Importance of Gluten Free Sunscreen

gluten free sunscreen

We all know it’s important to protect your skin from UV rays – But what about from gluten? You’ve probably heard of gluten-free diets, but you may not know the importance of gluten free sunscreen. If you’re choosing to live gluten and grain free, you’ll need to be mindful of more than what is in your food pantry. After all, what goes on your skin goes into your body! Gluten sensitivity is an immune reaction to gluten anywhere in the body, not just gluten that has been ingested.

As celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are becoming more understood, experts are finding more and more Americans affected by it. However, it’s been estimated that 78% of Americans with the disease don’t even know they have it! Have peace of mind this summer with our gluten free sunscreen (available in strengths up to SPF 70). Why not protect your skin from the sun without the risk of skin irritation? If you have any other allergy concerns besides gluten, our sunscreen’s got you covered – our formula is also free of fragrance, glycol, PABA, Casein, and retinyl palmitate.

At Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, we offer the best broad spectrum, gluten free sunscreen, lasting up to 80 minutes! Now that you know your skin is protected from both UV rays and gluten, go have some fun in the sun!