SPF 60

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Face Stick SPF 60 Sunscreen
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SPF 60 Sunscreen

Many people think of sunscreen only when it’s time for swimming season. Summer is a time that leads to more outdoor activity, and greater use of sunscreen is important during this period. However, those that spend a lot of time outdoors should also keep the use of SPF 60 broad spectrum sunscreen in mind. There are many instances in which outdoor activities leave people vulnerable to the damaging rays of the sun because their skin exposure is limited. SPF 60 broad spectrum sunscreen is useful whether it’s used for major coverage while wearing a swimsuit or for limited coverage when only the face is exposed.

Skiing is an excellent example of a non-summer sport that exposes parts of the body to extreme sun exposure, especially when snow reflects 90% of the sunlight off of the snow. Construction trades, meanwhile, leave many workers partially exposed during most seasons. SPF 60 sunscreen is excellent for dealing with exposed arms from our convenient stick applicator. SPF 60 sunscreen is also excellent for athletes in community and school leagues. SPF 60 Sunscreen can be purchased in order to stock coach’s first aid kits. Ordering SPF 60 sunscreen is an easy way to assure that you never run out unexpectedly and you stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays.