Sunscreen Lotion: Stay Protected and Know the Facts

It has become common knowledge that the UVA and UVB rays from the sun cause havoc on the skin and can lead to more catastrophic health concerns. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is specially formulated to be among the most comfortable to wear and offers a wide range of different formulas with varying SPFs because it is imperative that we protect our skin.

This is true for every person, every day, in every climate. But for people with sensitive skin, outdoor athletes, or those planning time to be in the sun for an unusually long period of time, having a sunscreen lotion that is hypoallergenic and effective is paramount. That's why we have an array of options, from the SPF 30 and 50 bonding based formulas, to our SPF 70 protection. We carry our sunscreen lotion in bulk to make it more convenient and affordable for heavy sunscreen users. We also have trial sizes and travel sizes for superior protection on the go.

That's what you'll get from Rocky Mountain Sunscreen: The best protection from the right formula in just the right size. It's that important.

There's a few more things that are important to know about sunscreen lotion and sun protection:

  • Applying sunscreen about 30 minutes before exposure ensures effectiveness
  • Not applying enough sunscreen is a common misstep; check the product details for the correct amount to use
  • Medications can affect sun sensitivity; check with your doctor or pharmacist if you'll be spending time in the sun and are taking medication
  • Children's skin is more sensitive, so it is even more important that they are adequately protected; infants 6 months and older can use sunscreen, according to the Academy of Pediatrics