Sunscreen: Avobenzone, Titanium Dioxide, and Zinc

Sunscreen can work in a variety of ways depending on its chemical composition. Some elements are intended to be absorbed through the skin and others stay on top of the outer layer in order to block and reflect the UV rays.

An active ingredient in most of our sunscreens, Avobenzone, is critical to our Oxybenzone-free formula. Basically, this means that our sunscreen is neither absorbed to the inner layers of skin, nor does it simply rest on top. Instead, it bonds with the top layers, giving you the best of both worlds: It allows for natural heat flow and perspiration yet does not rub off on towels or clothing. It makes for more comfortable and safe applications. Other sunscreens using similar ingredients ultimately create either a wax-based formula, which clogs pores and increases core body temperatures, or film-based, which suspends the UV absorbers on the skin surface and is easily rubbed off with towels or clothes or washed off with water or sweat.

Many individuals seek natural or organic sunscreen. Titanium dioxide and Zinc Oxide are often ingredients that are branded as such, but the FDA has not regulated the use of these terms and no product or sunscreen can truly claim as such. When these chemicals are used, they have been reformulated in a lab and are not in their original state.

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Gallon Sunscreen: Uses

If you own a pool or are planning a vacation, you may want to consider buying sunscreen in bulk. Purchasing our gallon sunscreen can not only save you money, but also ensures that you will never be without protection.

If you own a pool, chances are high that friends and family come to visit and swim often. You want to be certain that everyone who uses your pool has a good experience, which includes going home without sunburn. With our gallon sunscreen option, you will always have premium sunscreen on hand for your guests.

If you are going on a vacation, whether it is to the beach, to the slopes, or to partake in any outdoor activities, you'll need to make sure you and your family are covered. Our bulk sunscreen can save you money, especially in tourist areas where prices can be a bit inflated.

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