5 reasons to give your wedding guests our wedding favor lip balm

Butter mints, candles, and ornamental keepsakes – we have all received them as a favor from wedding’s past. It’s the thought that counts behind these wedding favors, but are they things that you can use for months to come? Many times, they aren’t – they collect dust on a shelf somewhere in your basement or get thrown in the junk drawer of your kitchen. Why not give the guests of your wedding something that they can use daily, that’s good for them, and keeps them protected from the sun? We have 5 reasons why you should give your wedding guests the gift that keeps giving – our custom wedding favor lip balm.

1). It’s unique– What’s honestly better than a wedding that you had a blast at and that gave you something completely unique to thank you for coming? When you give your guests a wedding favor lip balm, they’ll never forget your special day.

2). It’s completely customizable– Not only can you customize the label of your wedding favor lip balm, but you can also pick the color and flavor of it too. You can make it completely special to your day – wedding colors and all!

3). It’s something people don’t think about bringing to a wedding– Usually when you’re getting ready to head to a wedding event, SPF lip balm isn’t something you remember to pack in your suitcase. Giving your guests a tube of our SPF 15 lip balm can ensure that their lips stay protected during your outdoor wedding.

4).It’s fun– Who doesn’t love lip balm, let alone lip balm that can protect their lips? With giving them a wedding favor lip balm as a thank you gift, you can pick from a variety of different flavors – anything from banana flavored to white wine. It’s a fun and tasty gift!

5). It can be used for months– Many wedding favors cannot always be used after you receive them because either they’re edible or they’re something that is more decorative. With a wedding favor lip balm, you can give them SPF 15 protection for months!

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