What Makes a Hypoallergenic Sunscreen?

hypoallergenic sunscreen

Have you noticed itchy, irritated skin not long after applying your sunscreen? Chances are you have sensitive skin and are experiencing an allergy to one or more chemicals found in your current sunscreen. Luckily, you have the option to choose a hypoallergenic sunscreen. But do you know specifically what chemicals you should be avoiding when choosing your new formula, and what makes the best hypoallergenic sunscreen?

Hypoallergenic sunscreen is made without using ingredients that can lead to irritation and allergic reactions. Many people have sensitivity to fragrances, so you won’t find these in a hypoallergenic sunscreen. Also known to cause allergic reactions is a chemical called PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid). Not only can PABA have negative side effects on your skin, but it can also stain your clothing!

The right hypoallergenic sunscreen will also avoid cinnamates and salicylates. Check the ingredients list on your bottle to make sure these chemicals have been excluded. These chemicals are known to make an effective sunblock, but the best hypoallergenic sunscreen won’t have you make any sacrifices; It will effectively protect your skin from UV rays without causing dermatitis.

Not only should your sunscreen be effective, but also long-lasting without a greasy feel. This will make a formula that children won’t mind having reapplied as the day goes on.

Do you have sensitive skin? An allergy to standard sunscreens doesn’t have to keep you from having fun in the sun. Browse our selection at Rocky Mountain Sunscreen to find the best hypoallergenic sunscreen, in addition to lip balm, hand sanitizers and other products.